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Katrina Siddiqi-Davies



Post-Doc in Tim Guilford's group

Biography & Research Interests:

Katrina Siddiqi-Davies is a postdoctoral researcher within the Oxford Biology Department, specializing in the captivating domain of movement behaviour and ecology, particularly focusing on a procellariform seabird, the Manx shearwater. Her research endeavours span the extensive range of these fascinating seabirds, encompassing colonies across the UK and beyond. Katrina's research interests are diverse and encompass several intriguing facets. She is a keen explorer of migration and behavioural ecology, employing long-term data to decipher intricate environmental responses, and leveraging tracking data to influence policy decisions. Her innovative approach involves using biotelemetry to address crucial knowledge gaps concerning pivotal yet lesser-known aspects of animals' annual cycles. Notably, she explores enigmatic periods like pre-laying, migratory and over-wintering phases and employs state-of-the-art methods such as DNA meta-barcoding to unravel dietary preferences, pushing the boundaries of scientific understanding in the field of animal ecology.

Funded by the Joint Nature Conservation Committee (JNCC) through the OWEC ProcBe grant, Katrina works collaboratively with other procellariiform scientists from OxNav, the RSPB and University of Gloucester. Together, their collaborative efforts aim to deepen our comprehension of procellariiform seabird behaviour, specifically within the Celtic and Irish Seas, regions undergoing offshore wind development. This collaboration not only seeks to clarify potential ecological impacts of developments but also endeavours to pose thought-provoking biological inquiries, offering unique insights into this remarkable avian species.


Selected publications:

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